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Every hour of downtime costs $74,000.  If that’s out of budget, hear how Quorum can help

Every hour of downtime costs $74,000.  If that’s out of budget, read this now.




Join us October 2nd at Mitchell's in Birmingham to hear about Simple, Easy, "One-Click", and "Instant" Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Solutions that we're sure will impress you!

If you're not absolutely sure your backup and recovery technology is up to anything Mother Nature (or human error) throws at you, you need to explore Quorum's Disaster Recovery solutions. Before the next disaster hits. 






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The Quorum advantage:
  •  Quorum backs up your servers, not just your data
  •  Quorum tests your recovery solution daily
  •  Quorum backs up to remote appliances and the cloud
  •  Quorum provides one-click recovery in just minutes
  •  Quorum's console is easy to use – from desktop,
     tablet or phone

 Luncheon Event:

One-Click Backup, Recovery, and Continuity

This Quorum onQ luncheon is hosted in conjunction with Async Associates, a leading provider of Technology Solutions and Services.




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