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Small/Medium Size Business Solutions

At PHD Virtual we know you don’t have time or money to spare

With virtualization becoming an ever bigger part of your small and medium sized business, we know the last thing you want to do is spend time and money you don’t have to in order to get the results you need. That’s why our SMB backup, cloud, disaster recovery assurance and monitoring software solutions make it easier and less expensive to accomplish more with limited resources than you could have ever imagined.


Here’s why PHD Virtual makes the most sense for your business

Let’s face it; the legacy tools you probably have been using for data protection and monitoring can no longer do the job. They were built for physical environments and are far too complex and costly to manage. You want backup, cloud and monitoring solutions that meet your need for speed and ease of use. PHD Virtual delivers the goods because we are…and will continue to be…

  • Amazingly easy and quick to install, configure, and implement
  • Seamless off-site backup to the cloud at far less cost than alternatives
  • So easy to use that you don’t need any training or documentation
  • The leader in “Set it and forget it” functionality that just works
  • The highest and broadest functionality at the lowest cost
  • The easiest way scale up as your environment and business needs grow
  • 100% automated Disaster Recovery testing and failover of IT services as often as you want, reducing testing costs by 75% or more

Virtual Backup for SMBs

What You Get Why PHD Virtual Makes Your Job So Much Easier
Cloud Backup
PHD Virtual CloudHook delivers a seamless and painless link to cloud storage for backup, archiving and disaster recovery (DR). You retain on-site control of backups while gaining affordable, easy, flexible and secure backup to third-party cloud providers such as Google, Amazon, Rackspace or any OpenStack/Swift enabled provider.
Cost-effective and Easy to Implement

Installs and configures in less than 10 minutes. There are no additional costs for 3rd party OS or hardware. Your time to value is instant!
Hypervisor Client Integration for Ease of Use

Leverages your existing virtualization management interface for your backups. Easy to use wizards let you “set it and forget it” and if an issue arises, we provide email alerting and reports to ensure issues can be quickly detected and corrected.
Combined Backup and Replication

Combines TrueDedupe and TrueRestore technologies in a single, easy to use solution. Data is backed up and replicated in the most efficient and reliable way to deliver 96% in storage savings over time.
Scale with ease

Easily deploys and centrally manages additional VBAs to ensure that your backup window is not growing just because your data is.
Microsoft Application Integration

Ensures application consistency and application awareness for Microsoft applications, such as Exchange and SQL Server. You don’t need deep application knowledge or separate tools to ensure application-level awareness in your backup process. You can even write your own scripts for custom applications for PHD to execute as part of the backup process.

Introducing CloudHook

The easiest, most affordable solution for backup to the cloud

Designed for small and mid-size businesses, PHD Virtual CloudHook™ is a new module in PHD Virtual Backup 6.2 that offers you a seamless and painless link to cloud storage for backup now, along with archiving and disaster recovery (DR) in the future. Using PHD’s award-winning virtual backup appliance (VBA) in combination with our unique CloudHook technology, PHD Virtual delivers the absolute best value in affordable, easy, flexible and secure cloud backup for business.

  • Provides an easy to use, scalable, low-cost offsite storage option
  • Flexibility to choose from several different popular cloud platforms
  • Decreases risk of losing data in an outage
  • Recovers full VMs from cloud storage in just minutes because it only transfers changes between the existing VM and the cloud backup data.
  • No more running out of space, no more hardware and firmware upgrades, no more sporadic outages due to hardware failures
  • Frees up your time to focus on higher priority projects

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Introducing CloudHook – Flexible Virtual Backup to the Cloud

Watch the video nowGet a quick overview of our latest innovation for cloud backup.

What you get Why CloudHook makes your job easier
Built in Data Reduction

Optimizes performance over low bandwidth, high latency WAN connections, incorporating change block tracking (vSphere only), source-side deduplication, compression and local caching to send as little data as possible to the backup target.
Assured Security
Delivers government grade encryption for data in transit over the WAN and data at rest on the backup target.
Rollback Recovery
Optimized for quick and efficient recovery over the WAN from the cloud, Rollback Recovery restores only changes between the existing VM and the backup.
Flexible Retention
Meets compliance standards and retention requirements with PHD’s Virtual Full backup mode, enabling flexible, long-term retention.
True Forever Incremental Backups
With PHD’s Virtual Full backup mode, after your first backup, you never have to complete any periodic or synthetic full backups again, ensuring the most efficient WAN data transfer to cloud storage.

PHD Virtual Disaster Recovery Assurance for VMware

Only PHD Virtual automates DR testing to make it easy and affordable for SMBs

PHD Virtual ReliableDR delivers a breakthrough solution for Disaster Recovery Assurance by enabling SMBs to conduct Disaster Recovery testing whenever you want for your VMware environment. ReliableDR Foundation Edition gives you automated testing, measurement, and enforcement of SLAs, so you can deliver Recovery Time Actuals (RTAs) and prove compliance with Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs). All at a price point affordable for SMB budgets.

Featuring out-of-the-box certification processes for the most popular Microsoft Windows and Linux components, ReliableDR is a very low-risk, zero footprint disaster recovery solution with no modifications to hypervisors, operating systems or applications.

See how PHD Virtual ReliableDR compares with legacy Disaster Recovery solutions

Automate Disaster Recovery Testing as often as you want

Recovery procedures are triggered at least daily to verify the health of the replicated services and enforce recovery objectives (RPO/RTO). Until now DR testing was out of reach for most SMBs because of the time and cost involved. But with ReliableDR you can test hourly, daily or weekly! When recoverability is verified, a certified recovery point is generated that insures that failover will be successful in the event of a disaster by having multiple known-good points in time of your applications.

App-Aware Runbook Recovery Out-of-the-Box

ReliableDR is application-aware and is able to test and certify the recoverability of IT Services and industry standard business applications out-of-the-box, such as Microsoft Exchange, SharePoint, SQL, IIS, Oracle, MySQL, Apache etc. Runbook testing and certification processes are fully customizable, which enables any Microsoft or x86 Linux based application or IT Service to be fully tested and certified. Plus, the scope of Runbook testing can range from a cursory VM heartbeat check and web page access for a minor application, to very complex queries and heavy transactions for business-critical IT Services.

Know your Recovery Time Actual (RTA)

Ever wonder why IT departments talk about Recovery Time Objectives instead of actuals? The answer is simple: it is expensive and very time consuming to determine RTAs. But when you automate recovery with ReliableDR you can measure the actual recovery time, track it and ensure it is kept within bounds acceptable to your business users.

Makes compliance and passing audits so much easier

Since PHD Virtual efficiently conducting Disaster Recovery tests, compliance officers or external auditors can obtain compliance proof at the push of a button without IT even having to get involved. Auditors can be given access to a recovery dashboard and obtain traces of the DR exercises step by step. And because PHD Virtual is enforcing business rules that test application quality, IT can demonstrate the health of the recovered application without needing subject-matter experts at the ready.

Configuration Drift Protection

When you have two datacenters, one production and one for backup/recovery, the rapid rate of change within modern datacenters raises the risk of configuration drift between primary and secondary recovery sites potentially causing downtime. ReliableDR eliminates the risk of downtime caused by configuration drift by enabling daily, or even hourly DR testing, which highlights any configuration drift issues that might affect the recoverability of an application, or the RPO or RTO SLA of any IT Service.

The ReliableDR Recovery Dashboard uses a color coded system to flag configuration drift issues.

Whenever any configuration drift issue affects the recoverability of applications, IT Services or RTO and RPO SLA compliance, they are logged in the recovery dashboard and an email or SNMP alert is automatically sent to IT support staff.

Infrastructure Monitoring for SMBs

What you get Why PHD Virtual Monitor is the best value
Comprehensive Monitoring for Physical, Virtual, and Cloud
Ensures your IT services are healthy and available by monitoring your virtual environments and the surrounding physical infrastructure – all within a single dashboard.
Quicker, easier root cause analysis
Provides simple Dashboard views, plus detailed alert information, to help spot problems quickly and easily.
Simple, yet robust application monitoring
Unlike most virtual monitoring solutions, we let you dig deeper into any application with granular, yet simple, application watches.
Easy setup with pre-configured monitoring rules
Quickly auto-discovers your virtual environment and assigns pre-configured monitoring rules for VMs, hosts, virtual storage, and even applications, such as Microsoft Exchange, — all in a few minutes with little knowledge required of the applications themselves.
Detailed, scheduled reporting
Generates “Set and forget” detailed periodic reports to trend information for long-term capacity planning, providing visibility for management and reports on inventory for auditors