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Scale Computing Series

Storage nodes are available in two basic performance configurations, each with multiple capacity choices. Explore the types of hardware used in various storage nodes and find the storage cluster that fits your needs. When needs change, storage nodes of any series and capacity can be added to a cluster, keeping storage costs aligned with actual needs.


ICOS Technology

Every Scale storage cluster is powered by ICOS™ Technology: an advanced storage operating system combining powerful features with intelligence that makes storage easy-to-manage, even for novices.


Scale Computing's S-series line of storage products is the storage workhorse for the mid-market. It's perfect for the vast majority of SMB uses cases such as archiving, virtualization, virtual desktops, disk-based backup, and even some database loads. With 210 MB of throughput on a three-node cluster, the S-series gives you the speed and performance you need.

Our most flexible product line offers multiple storage node capacities. If you are looking to maximize storage capacity at the lowest price, use the highest capacity starter cluster that meets your needs and add expansion storage nodes now or later to meet your capacity needs and growth.

Product RAW Capacity
S1 Starter Cluster 6 TB
S1 Expansion Storage Nodes 2 TB
S2 Starter Cluster 12 TB
S2 Expansion Storage Nodes 4 TB
S4 Starter Cluster 24 TB
S4 Expansion Storage Nodes 8 TB


The M-Series is an example of a performance driven configuration. For this three node cluster example, we chose to add 6 TB usable with 36 GB of RAM (12) SATA drives, and (12) GbE ports. This configuration maximizes the full potential of our Intelligent Pre-Fetch technology. ICOS sees the data you request, determines what data you may need and caches that. With 36 GB of available cache to use Intelligent Pre-Fetch boost the net performance of this configuration higher than normally achieved with SATA drives. The M-Series would be a perfect solution if you want SAS performance, but not the SAS price.

Our highest performance product line offers multiple storage node capacities, drive technologies and cache options. All offer datacenter class power and network redundancy.

Product RAW Capacity Cache
M1 Starter Cluster 6 TB 36 GB
M1 Expansion Storage Nodes 2 TB 12 GB
M2 Starter Cluster 12 TB 36 GB
M2 Expansion Storage Nodes 4 TB 12 GB
M4 Starter Cluster 24 TB 36 GB
M4 Expansion Storage Nodes 8 TB 12 GB
M12x Starter Cluster 7.2 TB (SAS) 36 GB
M12x Expansion Storage Nodes 2.4 TB (SAS) 12 GB
R1 Starter Cluster 6 TB 12 GB
R1 Expansion Storage Nodes 2 TB 4 GB
R2 Starter Cluster 12 TB 12 GB