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Wyse Xenith™

The zero client built for Citrix

Wyse Xenith

Meet Wyse Xenith

Zero delays, Zero management, Zero security issues – Citrix HDX.

Outfit your cloud with the fastest, easiest to manage, and most secure Citrix client we’ve ever built – and that’s saying something.

From the company that invented the category and built more zero clients than anyone.

Yes, anyone.



Zero Delays

Go from 0 to productivity faster than a Ferrari.

Wyse Xenith is ready to work in six seconds because its dynamically delivered firmware is smaller than a single digital photograph. Its efficient design is three times faster than competing devices and sports gigabit LAN and wireless-n, so it’s ready for serious tasks whether you’re wired in or not. With an industry first media decoder in hardware, Wyse Xenith will be able to deliver HD video without taxing your server, network or patience.



Zero Management

That’s right, no management. It’s a zero configuration client.

Most thin clients require you to add software, tweak settings, or configure them in some way before you can use them. Not Wyse Xenith. Just take it out of the box and connect it to your network - your Citrix XenDesktop server configures it to your preferences.

Wyse Xenith is completely configurable, yet no management software is needed. So unlike some clients, when a hot new feature is released, you won’t need to buy new ones to get it.



Zero Security Issues

It’s one less thing to worry about.

Wyse Xenith is the only dynamically configurable zero client that is virus and malware immune.

Yes, immune.

There are no Windows or Linux APIs for viruses to latch on to, so even network and memory-borne viruses can’t attack. Unlike other HDX compatible clients, Wyse Xenith needs absolutely no local firewall or anti-virus protection.



Zero Energy Use (Almost)

Save $70 a year in energy versus a PC*

Wyse Xenith draws less than 7 watts of power – in full operation.

That’s less than every PC on the planet. And no multimedia rich client on the market today uses less energy.

When you hug a tree – it might hug back.



Zero Compromise User Experience

Wyse Xenith is built for Citrix environments.

XenApp*, XenDesktop, it’s what Wyse Xenith lives for.
It’s quite simply the best Citrix HDX client this side of Win32.
With HDX support that goes beyond any non-windows device on the market today.

The desktop just got a lot easier.

*Wyse Xenith supports Citrix XenApp Published Desktops.

Hector Angulo, Wyse Product Manager, demonstrates the new Wyse Xenith high-fidelity, zero client with HDX built-in to Mark Templeton, Citrix CEO. It takes 15 to 20 seconds total to take the new Xenith out of the box, turn it on, log in, and voila! It goes right to the desktop, providing zero compromise in user experience.
Watch video Video demo of Wyse "Xenith" Zero client from Citrix Synergy 2010
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