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Virtualization is nothing new. In fact, you are probably familiar with it on a small scale, especially if you’ve ever created multiple virtual partitions on a hard drive. This allows a single hard drive to run multiple virtual hard drives simultaneously on the same piece of hardware. This same concept applies to all types of virtualization – creating a virtualized version of hardware, software or operating systems that can be run simultaneously with other components on a single piece of hardware.

Why Virtualization?

This technology was aggressively developed throughout the 1990s with desktop and OS virtualization platforms. But it wasn’t until around 2005 when enterprise-level virtualization (network, server & storage) really took off. When enterprise companies were able to virtualize high-powered, large-scale computing components, IT departments were able to save money, while increasing processing power and computing capabilities.

The HC3 Solution

It’s not a stretch to imagine how complicated enterprise-level virtualization gets. While many service providers offer powerful computing capabilities, the amount of scalability (the ability to grow as a company grows) is often limited. Once virtualization is integrated into the IT department, technicians are often left overwhelmed by the technology and without a sustainable pathway to full-scale integration.

This is where HC3 comes in. HC3 offers the future of scalable, highly available IT infrastructure platforms that are also able to seamlessly run applications. Our turnkey solution can be managed as a single server.


We are also strong believers in hyperconvergence. In other words, you shouldn’t have to run several different platforms to efficiently manage your IT infrastructure. HC3 ensures that your entire system is run securely from an all-in-one turnkey platform.


  • Clustering Technology – When you think of clustering technology, you probably think of inflated data centers only available to large government organizations, or multi-billion dollar tech companies. The idea behind cluster computing is that a group of high-powered computers, sharing processing power can get a lot more accomplished than a single, dedicated server. HC3 takes that concept and brings it to the mid to large-sized business owner. We give you high-end processing power at an affordable price.
  • Easy-to-Use Administration Panel -- HC3 was built to be a one-stop shop for IT managers. This means what would normally feel like a complex, multi-layered administration environment feels a lot like running a single server.
  • Seamless Maintenance – The whole point of large-scale virtualization is to ensure efficiency by combining high performance and high availability computing. Maintenance should be completed without skipping a beat. The HC3 -platform allows you to perform complex maintenance tasks without ever powering down the servers, or going offline. This maximizes your efficiency by minimizing and/or eliminating potential downtime instances.
  • Boost IT Efficiency – Complex, enterprise-level computing is cumbersome. It forces today’s IT managers to become a jack-of-all-trades infrastructure expert. Our platform frees up your IT staff to focus on business-specific processes, particularly application – not hardware – development
  • Built For Mid to Large-Sized Businesses – Historically, high-level cluster computing has been a financial pipe dream for many mid to large-sized businesses. We built our platform with these businesses in mind. Now, you can have supercomputer processing speeds that work seamlessly with your infrastructural demands.